Jackie G. Michaels
aka Ms J


"Join me as I share the benefits of self care, sustainability, authentic leadership, meditation, healthy boundaries, wellbeing lifestyle & a huge dose of laughter."

Women around the world want more from their lives and careers.  Ready or not, women are doing the work, learning the tools, getting results, making a difference and working together.  Now is the time to be seen, heard and be your authentic self.

Jackie, aka Ms J provides the inspiration and momentum for this journey. Jackie is a leading UK personal development coach/mentor, writer, presenter and businesswoman. Her daily mission is to be JOYFUL, BOLD, ADD VALUE and INSPIRE women to follow suit and to have FUN along the way.

"I am the ultimate joy, freedom & balance seeker. Feeling good and keeping balanced is one of my daily priorities. This requires planning and a smart execution plan which I love sharing to inspire professional and personal success"

Jackie is undoubtedly one of UK’s best women empowerment coach/mentor and with over 25 years in the arena, she continues to inspire.  Her range of clients (some who like to keep her a secret) all agree her authenticity engenders trust and she is able to challenge them , inspire transformation and celebrate all who they are.

Life events were a catalyst for her personal transformation which led her to focus on inspiring women to know their power, desires and plan their career and lifestyles accordingly.

Jackie writes and delivers outstanding transformational programmes working with learning and development departments and the wellbeing and empowerment sector, her consultancy Mindz in Motion has gained numerous contracts with local governments and private organisations. Email info@mindzinmotion.com to arrange a consultation to discuss your training needs.

As a media presenter, her practical advice on how to develop a wellbeing and empowered lifestyle is steeped in knowledge and experience. Her success lies in her ability to provide and inspire growth using restorative tools that empower her clients to take control of their lives.

Co-founder of the first UK black woman’s self care network in the early 1990’s. She continues to inspire ambitious women to make self care a lifestyle choice with Flo-urish Lifestyle @flourishlifestyle with their self care online programmes and retreats for busy professional women.

After 25 years in the empowerment arena, creating a better world naturally transitioned into Jackie becoming an advocate of environmental issues (water scarcity) currently in the Caribbean region @watersavinghub.

The award winning Queen of UK Self Care will inspire you with her wisdom, laughter, sass and authenticity; which is a combination of her being a reserved Brit and an outgoing Jamaican. Catch Jackie’s daily adventures on @jackiegmichaels.

Jackie states “My next two mission is to normalise a joy narrative, especially for Black women and make meditatiion an inclusive daily practice” watch this space as she is determined to make self care a lifestyle and joy the norm.

''Do what makes you happy and remember to makes a positive difference''

"Thank you all for your kind words, it's time for me to gracefully take my bow"

Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe
Content creator, Celebrity Stylist & Interior Decorator, UK

Jackie Michaels has completely changed my perspective on life. Her calming yet effective measures have taken me on an eye opening journey of enlightenment and has further instilled self worth and confidence in me. Sessions with her are extremely necessary for dealing with life’s hardships and successes!

Angie Le Mar
Award winning Comedian, Writer, Director & Media Host, UK

"Jackie Michaels is my absolute go to person, go to friend, go to mentor and my go to advisor. An awesome woman who has so much to offer the world"

Kathy Ann Mclean
Head Teacher, UK

I was at a career crossroad and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue my role within Education.  Whilst working with Jackie, overtime my perspective on leadership changed.  Jackie helped me to be more confident as a leader and helped me to work on the most important thing,me.  I applied for a new job and for the first time I confidently spoke as a leader and was successful. Jackie coached and prepared me to achieve a successful interview and as I reflect on the journey to this point, I salute you Jackie and look forward to our next meeting. We are not finished yet!' 

Patricia Cox
Learning and Development Advisor

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jackie Michaels since 2009 when I joined the Learning and Development Service. In that time I have collaborated with Jackie to support the organisation’s workforce with 1:1 coaching sessions for people of colour, mentoring and interview skills learning. She has successfully supported services, teams and staff through change programmes. She has been a true professional support across the organisation. Jackie has been pivotal in providing a safe space for myself and colleagues of colour soon after the horrific murder of George Floyd last year and recently supporting people involved in the KickStart government initiative. On a personal level Jackie has supported me with my own personal development, helping me to acknowledge, accept and empower my career and personal life choices. Helping me to understand my challenges and barriers and how to resolve them. Finally, build my confidence by acknowledge my achievements and build my brand. Knowing Jackie inspires me to do better. Thank you Jackie

Ugo Onyeka MD
Senior Drug Saftey Physician, Germany

If you're tired of circling through the same issues in therapy and you're ready to put in work to get to your desired goal, Jackie Michaels is for you. She's known to some as a Life Coach, to others as a Leadership Coach, but what I know is, she runs deep and is a safe space to unburden while building and caring for yourself

Jasmine Dotiwala
Multi Media Broadcaster, UK

Jackie Michaels is a professional life coach who mentors and gets the best from you. Through assessing skills, encouraging growth, focusing on vision, galvanising confidence, she mentors so that you come away with vision, pride, understanding and confidence to be better, do better, win better.

Julia Cooke
Organisational Development and Learning and Development Kickstart Officer

Jackie delivered a package of training for our kickstart programme, she builds rapport with her students from the beginning. She is an excellent trainer, delegates said they have benefited from the sessions, both in the workplace and aspects of their personal lives. I have known Jackie since 2015, she was particularly supportive to our service, whilst we were going through a restructure. Her ability to support each individual and help them to discover their true potential has proved to be one of the greatest assets to our team. Jackie’s energy and emotional intelligence naturally brings out the best in people. Her encouragement and supportive nature have been invaluable to me.

Princess Shako
Founder of @Wrapped and Winning 

The programme was in depth but still easy to digest. I felt well supported yet challenged on some of my old belief systems which had contributed to me being in the stagnant and repetitive cycle of procrastination I was in. Ms J's supportive technique includes not just helping you bring your vision to life but giving you the tools to navigate situations which will inevitably try to distract you from your goal. It's in these moments she encourages you to be kinder to yourself, reset and continue moving forward. This has been a game changer for me. Ms J is breaking chains and building foundations. She is London’s best kept secret and she is my coach/mentor. I’m glad I got to book her now, now that the story is out she will be in demand

Errol McCollin
CEO, Shades Luxury Apartments

My source of light when its dark and murky.  When I need interpretations of the signs your always there to break it down. I’m honoured to be in your life.

Yimare Mativi Elliott
Reserch Project Manager, USA

Before my workshop series with Jackie, I was desperately unhappy with the circumstances I found myself in. I had put ceaseless effort to change them. Things were getting harder. I was resigned to having things the way they were, dealing with being overworked and unhappy at work and at home too. I had convinced myself that in this climate I was lucky to have a job. Over the years I have taken different transformation classes. ❤ Three degrees and a PhD from Cambridge, but feeling like I was failing miserably. A black woman, working in a selective environment was taking its toll. Then my best friend who is in England introduced me to Jackie!! When I started the workshop with Jackie, she said, "don't try to fix anything for now, let's work on ourselves." Jackie gave another perspective, giving tools we would use between our workshop days. Learning to forgive, love and be gentle with ourself. Those things we hear or know we need to do and Jackie gave tools and practical guidance to put it all in action. Actually using these tools, I found things gradually shifting, and the grip troubles had on life transformed. ❤ I saw that I was putting my emphasis on the wrong things. What I felt powerless to change, magically transformed while I was busy loving myself. At work I was given the two most influential areas, given a bigger team and for the first time in my life negotiated my pay, the words actually came out of my mouth, "I am not accepting that pay, that is not equitable for me", Ha! And I did not worry about what they thought of me. Back the offer went for discussion with the CEO. They will let me know their decision! ❤ At home, things are way different too! Every weekday my husband makes me breakfast and prepares me a lunch to take to work!! Things are definitely shifted. I have taken charge of my life differently! I continue to use the tools, it's a process that reaps the benefits and worth the time. For me much more rewarding than working harder and harder physically trying to fix and holding it together. ❤ I must say, with Jackie, I chose to work in a group and we were an international group. I am in the US and the other ladies were in the UK and Europe. When you work with Jackie, she brings a perspective and generates a flow that inspires change. Our group had such synergy after a few hours with Jackie. We really had an awesome experience. We actually asked to add more sessions to our program! Everyone of us had extraordinary results. Jackie brings it, for sure! Love you Jackie ❤ Thank you very much Jackie!!

Deborah Gordon
Head of Learning and Development

Jackie is a very experienced and knowledgable professional. Jackie recently delivered some virtual Team Building workshops for me at Advance for the Human Resources and Learning and Development team. The preparation time led to Jackie having a good detailed understanding of the Team and organisation which enabled her to relate to current events within Advance and integrate these within the workshop. Jackie was creative in the way the sessions were delivered online and kept the group engaged throughout. She also received positive feedback from participants regarding her skills, knowledge and delivery. Contact Jackie for your Team Building and Culture Change needs

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