From Self Sustainability to Environmental Sustainability

London born and raised Jackie’s is proud of her dual citizenship, as her Caribbean heritage has always been close to her heart. She is on a mission to spread the message of sustainability for the Caribbean region .

“I am my ancestor wildest dream and will do all that I can do to leave the world a better place and that includes the Caribbean.  After 25 years in the empowerment arena, creating a better world naturally transitioned into me becoming more aware of environmental issues. I love and feel connected to water and when I was alerted to the water shortage issue around the globe and in parts of the Caribbean I had to get involved. I love the Caribbean and my family and friends i have connected with over the years, so this mission is personal to me”

Water Saving Hub provides educational and business resources on how we can make the Caribbean a water smart region.  Go to https// see how you can support our mission.